Personal Training & Online Workout Programs

Achieving a healthier lifestyle has never been easier! No matter what your goal is, our team of TGR® Certified Personal Trainers are there with you every step of the way.
🍑 No more stress about finding the right workout for you
🍑 No more overexercising for hours
🍑 No more diets and stressing about what to eat
🍑 No more stress about never being able to achieve your fitness goals




If you are looking to sculpt your lower body and get in your best shape, then this program is for you!  Designed personally by Jess,  her signature formula is guaranteed to lead you to a healthier lifestyle, develop a more sculpted body and a better butt as a bonus! You will receive 3 strength training workouts a week with access to bonus workouts in which can be done from comfort of your home or in a gym setting.  These workouts require a foam roller, a set of dumbbells and a resistance band/hip loop.  You can purchase our TGR® Exercise Resistance Band from the TGR® Store here! 


Program Details:

🍑 8 week exclusive access to the TGR® Fitness App and Plump Your Rump® Program including warmup routines, workouts, recovery routines and more!

🍑 Video tutorial for each exercise on your plan 

🍑 Personal check ins with Jess to keep you accountable

🍑 Track your progress through graphs, photos and connected apps including Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and Apple Watch

🍑 TGR® Nutrition Guide including how to determine your nutrition profile, meal suggestions, sample meal plans and more!

 Note: This pre-made exercise program does not provide modifications for pre-existing injuries.





Work directly 1-1 with our online coaches virtually for direct accountability, motivation, nutrition guidance and a structured workout schedule/program according to your fitness goals! 

Personal Training Services Details:

🍑 1-1 Online App Training:  Work with your assigned trainer through the TGR® Fitness App.   You will receive monthly workouts personally created for you by one of our certified personal trainers.  Your workout program is designed according to how your body moves, access to equipment and fitness goals.  You will get video tutorials for each exercise on your plan, personal check-ins with your coach via the app messenger, ability to track your progress through graphs and connected apps including Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and Apple Watch.  


🍑  1-1 Virtual Personal Training: Your assigned personal trainer will create and guide you through a 55 minute session which include warmup, exercise routine and post stretch.  Personal training sessions are conducted through the following apps: FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom.


🍑 1-1 In Person Personal Training: Work directly with your assigned personal trainer in our private personal training studio in Scarsdale, NY or in the comfort of your own home! Clients of this service receive exclusive access to TGR® Fitness App where your trainer can monitor your nutrition and activity for ultimate accountability.


Inquire for 1-1 personal training and 1-1 online coaching here!