Plump Your Rump® Signature Program

Plump Your Rump® Signature Program

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If you are looking to sculpt your lower body and get in your best shape, then this program is for you!  Designed personally by Jess,  her signature formula is guaranteed to lead you to a healthier lifestyle, develop a more sculpted body and a better butt as a bonus!
These workouts require dumbbells and a resistance band/hip loop and can be completed from comfort of your home or in a gym setting!


                                                            Program Details:

🍑 8 week exclusive access to the TGR® Fitness App and Plump Your Rump® Program including warmup routines, workouts, recovery routines and more!

🍑 Video tutorial for each exercise on your plan 

🍑 Personal check ins with Jess to keep you accountable

🍑 Track your progress through graphs, photos and connected apps including Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and Apple Watch


You must provide your email for access to the program.  Once the Plump Your Rump® Signature Workout Program has been purchased, you will then receive an email invite to join the TGR® Fitness App via download link.  Note that this app is invite only and the Plump Your Rump® Workout Signature Program will expire exactly 8 weeks from purchase.  If you do not receive the email with the link to download the app, please check your junk folder first then contact with the subject APP INVITE.

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